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The history of SOR Inc is founded on simple ideas that work. It all began in 1956 with the invention of the static-o-ring (SOR) pressure switch. Since the ring is static, there is no friction, and no wear and tear.
SOR is a global leader in the field of measurement and control. One big reason for the continued growth of SOR is our willingness to listen to our customers' specific needs and develop solutions to meet those needs for the Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Nuclear industries. In fact many of the products we deliver are specially engineered to order.
SOR manufactures a wide variety of mechanical and electronic devices to measure pressure, level, temperature and flow – and we're working constantly to improve our product platform.
All of our products are engineered and manufactured at SOR world headquarters located in Lenexa, Kansas.


The pressure sensing element of the SOR pressure switch is a force-balance, piston-actuated assembly. The sensing element is sealed by a flexible diaphragm and a static o-ring. A wide selection of wetted parts materials for media compatibility and containment are available. A metal diaphragm may be welded to the pressure port for certain applications, thereby eliminating the o-ring.



The SOR electromechanical temperature switch utilizes a vapour-pressure thermal system. Fluid vapour pressure changes predictably according to the influence of temperature on the sensing bulb. Process temperature changes cause proportional vapour pressure changes in the temperature sensing bulb that act on the diaphragm/ piston assembly to actuate and de-actuate a snap-action electrical switching element at discrete process temperatures. The instrument’s behaviour is determined by the vapour pressure principle.



Float, displacement, RF, Ultrasonic operated Level switches. Rugged, industrial products specifically designed for versatility of application. Available with flanged or sealed chambers or as insertion models.



Ruggedly built to exacting standards and provide long-lasting service. Our flow switches can be used in a wide range of pipe sizes and process configurations.  Mechanical vane type switches are designed specifically for liquid process medias.  Our electronic instruments can detect both liquid and gas process flow and are field selectable and adjustable.



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