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Founded in 1982, for more than 30 years Field Electronics Ltd have strived to provide unique products and expertly engineered solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. Using hardware components designed and manufactured in house, software, and a thorough understanding of the particularities of each project, our team of engineer’s design and implement complex yet elegant control systems to automate industrial processes. 

In the late 80's Field offered the first true remote I/O device to provide multiple analogue or digital channels able to support a wide variety of input source types and communicate over a wired network.

Today these products are not so unique or revolutionary. However, we continue to offer superior analogue and digital I/O devices for the industrial I/O market.


Years of industry and design experience allow us to understand the problems associated with industrial measurement and control, distinguishing our devices from the competition. Our products feature:

  • fully configurable digital and analogue channels accepting most commonly used industrial signals.
  • Full interchannel and system isolation to a high level, providing data integrity, stability and reliability against ground loops, RFI/EMI noise.
  • Networked I/O via; Serial, Ethernet and fibre communications.
  • Communications protocols; Modbus RTU, Modbus Jbus, Modbus TCP and SNMP.
  • Legacy Support, new products are designed with our existing customers in mind, allowing for simple hardware upgrades, and retaining pre-existing comms protocols including, Field and Ansi X3
  • ISO9001 approved Quality System with Design Control. 


All our products being designed and manufactured in house gives us a competitive edge allowing the upmost control of cost, design accuracy, scheduling, quality, and support as the experts are on hand to answer any questions.


Our engineers are highly innovative and have many years of experience of modifying existing product to suit niche applications while interfacing them industry standard plant equipment, and front end user interface using supervisory control and data acquisition packages (SCADA) and human machine interface (HMI). Resulting in us being able to deliver turn-key, easy-to-use solutions for any application. Furthermore once a modification has been defined, it is then documented and assigned a specific model number, allowing for it to be simply reordered in the future.


Since November 2014 we were appointed as the UK agent for S.O.R INC, supporting and distributing their range of high accuracy and quality level, temperature and pressure sensing devices.

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